Arkush buro

Katerina Kushnarenko, founder of the architectural bureau Arkush. About 10 years studio is engaged in interior design and architectural projects.

“I grew up in a family of architects and, although my parents absolutely did not insist I’ve also chosen this profession for myself. Graduated from the Kharkov University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2006.

Most of all I like the clear, functional and concise design”
I work with my father Dmitry Kushnarenko. He is in charge of architecture, and I am in charge of interior design. Our views on the design and implementation of the tasks are very close that’s why it is very easy for us to work together.
Each project for us is a new experience that captivates. I think that the most important thing is to be on the same wave with the customer. 
I know for sure that the project is a success if it is an apartment in which I would like to live myself, or if it is a public facility where I feel comfortable and would like to visit as often as possible.
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